We hold many events throughout the year, some on an annual basis, and some more regularly. It all helps to add to the experience of Brigades.


Bonfire Party


Once a year we host a bonfire and fireworks evening. As part of this evening we learn to build fires, toast marshallows and cook food over an open fire! 




During the winter session we have a sleepover evening where we have an extended evening of fun activities and film watching, topped off with a big breakfast in the morning. Sometimes we actually get some sleep!




During the course of the year both Brigades participate in various compeitions. The boys take part in battalion competitions against other Boys' Brigade companies in the Yorkshire County battalion: table tennis, cross country, 5-a-side football, team games, and general knowledge during the winter months, and uniformed competitions comprising drill, figure marching, and bible knowledge in the spring. All these competitions and placings bring points culminating in the winning of the Battalion Shield, and, for drill, the Battalion and Queen's colours. The girls take part in district competitions against other Girls' Brigade companies in the District: figure marching, drill, and Christian faith competitions in the spring.




Once a year we hold an open evening to show off what we do during the year. The Juniors perform their figure marching routine, and the older ones display the drill paper, both of which will have been done for the uniformed competitions in March. There will be a time in the evening where each age group gets to show off their badgework and what they've learnt. There is also a slot where the band performs this year's repertoire to movement.




We hold two camps during the year. The first is a weekend for the Juniors. We explore and take full advantage of the area around where we are staying, and in the past we ahve been climbing at a climbing wall, done nature walks in a river valley, visited the Forbidden Corner, and all manner of fun activities. The second is a week in the summer holidays for the 11+ young people. We camp under canvas and generally have a week of fun, fellowship, and (hopefully!) fine weather. It is a great experience to turn up to an empty field, build and live as a community together for a week, before leaving as we found it. A special experience!