All members of the Brigades from age 11 up are eligible to join the band and we encourage participation with whatever instrument or skill a person may have. We currently have percussion, tuned percussion, wind, and brass sections. A band also needs a mace bearer, and someone to pick up dropped drum sticks!


Band meets every Brigades Friday, and follows on from the normal nights' activities between 21:00 and 21:45.


In the past we have been priviledged to lead various parades, including at Boys' Brigade Founder's Day and Rememberance Day.


Our percussion section is made up of snare, tenor and bass drummers, and cymbals.

Tuned Percussion

Tuned Percussion consists of Bell Lyres. We are fortunate enough to have 2 full size, and one baby, bell lyres


Our wind section is small and select. Currently we have two flute players.


Traditionally our brass section consists of B♭ bugles, cornets, or trumpets.

Mace Bearer

The mace bearer controls the band through use of the mace. The mace is swung, thrown, and held in different ways to signify the movements or actions required of the band.


We do not currently have a mace bearer.