Boys' Brigade Staff

Company Captain

Mark Wheatley


Mark is the Boys' Brigade Captain at 3rd Harrogate Boys' Brigade Company. Mark was a member of the company for 13 years before becoming a staff member in Junior Section 9 years ago, he is now the Officer in Charge of this section.


Mark has played the side drum in the band, and his favourite memories of his time in the Brigade are the BB competitions, especially the Crystal Maze competition.


David Clark


David is Officer in Charge of the Anchor Boys and Explorer Girls and the Brigader Girls sections. He is also the band co-ordinator, and has played the Bell Lyre for 22 years.


David is a Lieutenant in the Boys' Brigade, and he is undegoing his Girls' Brigade leaders' training. He was a member of the Boys' Brigade for 12 years, across 3 companies, before gaining his Queen's Badge in 1999. He has been a staff member at Brigades for the last 12 years.


David's fondest memory is of camps, particularly the porridge, lovingly steeped overnight and cooked to perfection, eaten under canvas.


David Marshall


David is an officer in the Junior Boys and Company Boys sections and holds the rank of Lieutenant. He was a member of Boys' Brigade for 10 years as a lad and has been a staff member for the last 34 years.


David has previously played bugle in the band and holds camps as his favourite memories of Brigades, notably the three camps on the Isle of Wight.

Chris McMahon


Chris is drill co-ordinator

Ken Ramsdale


Ken Ramsdale is an officer in the Junior Boys section. He has been working in brigades for 20 years and holds the rank of Lieutenant.


His favourite part of his involvement with Boys' Brigade is working at all levels from Helper to Company Captain during his time.

Robin Wilkinson


Robin was a member in the Boys' Brigade for 9 years before becoming a Lieutenant, and then Captain, during the last 42 years. He is involved with the Company Boys section of Brigades, and plays cornet in the band.


Robin's favourite memory is the traditional camp concert. He lead the 2nd Harrogate display for the Brigade President at the Lounge Hall, and has been a member of 7 BB companies, 5 as an officer.